Sunday, November 23, 2008

Day Twentyeight..It's Just Another Day

It's 4.50 am. I'm not cold for a change. Which is a good thing. I seem to be feeling somewhat better at the moment albeit sleepy.

I hope all of you in the UK enjoyed Einstein and Eddington. I can't wait to see it. From all I've read it seems to be fantastic. Maybe something will show up today. Maybe not. If you've seen it leave a comment of your views on it. I like spoilers.

Some guy made a slip up on some BBC news program and said that Patterson Joseph is going to be the new Doctor in Doctor Who. I dont know who he is. I've just seen a photograph. Only time will tell. It's on youtube but I cant be bothered looking for it this early. I'm 99% sure I wont be watching once David Tennant leaves anyway. I just don't think anyone can replace David. I've never been a Who fan anyway. Just happened to watch one with David and it went from there.

I hope Beate is feeling ok after her wild work Christmas party last night. Beate phoned me up from Norway at about 3 am something their time and all I could hear was Robbie Williams singing Let Me Entertain You and a bunch of drunk Norwegian girls singing along. I thought perhaps she had accidentally dialed my mobile so I just hung up. I had been saying Hello? Hello? only to get no answer. Come to find out that is what she meant to do. How nice. hehe.

Well I'm about to get ready to go to work. I think I might make it today even though I don't want to. Text me to keep me amused if you have my mobile number.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Hahaha... I'm feeling fine, thank you. Only had a bad headache when I woke up and was of course very tired...hehe.