Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day Seven...Liar's Den


As earlier reported, that I would have a free hour today was utterly and completely bullshit!! 4 people on my team earned the hour so what does my boss do?????? She does the time for everyone but me...Then asks if I'm angry with her at the end of my shift. Am I angry??? F@ck Me Running!!! She claims she just forgot..Bull Malarky with fries!! Anyway, she grovels for a bit and promises to do 2 hours for me on Friday. We shall see....I won't bank on it.

Anywho...Now that this bloody time change has happened here in the USA it's dark when I get off work at 5.30 pm. BAH! Which reminds me...I hate those halogen really white headlamps on cars. They blind me and someone with those 'oh so special' lights always rides my bumper and all I can see is those lights in my rear view mirror reflecting straight into my eyes. Pass Me dammit!

Then I get home, walk Rex the wonder dog around the yard for what seems to be an hour because he refuses to poo and just wants to sniff every tree, leaf, and whatnot in the yard before finally getting down to the business at hand...I look to my right and my neighbor is standing there. She's got computer problems. So I go in to see what's up. She's getting the blue screen of death and a constant reboot. So I will call the pc company tomorrow and try to restore it for her tomorrow. Until I get it sorted she can use my laptop. She fed me homemade soup while I was there though.

Today is my evil Auntie Sharon's birthday. Being the nice person I am I phoned her up on my lunch break and tell the answer machine.. Happy Birthday Sharon!!! She phones me back about an hour later while I was working but I didn't answer. I just stared at the screen until she hangs up..She left no voice mail so I guess she really had nothing important to say. Good.

All in all this has been a crap day. Bummer! I'll watch some Doctor Who to cheer me up and go to bed. God Bless David Tennant again. Will I survive the regeneration when the time comes? Highly doubtful...Perhaps I should ask a doctor for some anti depressants now to be prepared for when the time comes. hehe. I'll live. I'll need anger management courses if things keep going the way they are. Count to 10...Be nice!

Love and Kisses xxxxxxxxxxx

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  1. Damn your boss!!! She better give you the two hours on Friday!