Monday, November 3, 2008

Day Eight..Neglect

I've been focusing all my attention on David lately so I thought I'd give someone else a mention that I think is really cool. Robbie Williams! yay Robbie!

So I popped over to the Above Top Secret web site today to check on my boy Rob. No new posting action there. He has been on but hasn't uttered a word. Probably posting under his nom de plume.

Rob is all into alien encounters these days. Check the site out. It's crazy...all conspiracy theories and abduction stories...I get scared when I stay in there for too long. I live alone (Rex is here but) after an hour or so of reading this site I sleep with the lights on. Like lights will keep the aliens away!! I have a very vivid imagination and being able to see everything calms me.

Anyway, I hear he is back in the studio so we may get some music out of him one day. His songs amuse me so. :) God Bless Robbie xx. Hope you don't get abducted before anything is released. You crazy plumhead!

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