Friday, November 21, 2008

Day Twentysix...David Tennant/Absolute Radio

It's 3.53 am. I arrived at my pc at 2.56 and switched on all the proper links only to find out that David was already there and gabbing away! How dare he get there early!!! It clearly states 9 am. Oh well. I caught the majority of the interview and saw bits of him on webcam 3.

They asked him to solve some maths problem which I think he cheated on. (See pic above) He was asked about his love life and got a curt yeah out of him. Giving out no secrets. He drank what appeared to be loads of coffee and played with his iphone. Other than that I didn't get much out of it. It was 3am for christs sake! I'll have a proper listen later.

Am I going to work today? Doubtful. I haven't slept much at all. Will let you all know in an hour or so.



  1. i was awake you plum! went to my work to pick up my pay check. must have money...:)