Friday, November 28, 2008

Day Thirtythree..Horrid Horrid Day

It's 6.59 pm and I'm home from a horrid work day. Not a darn minute of it was slow. One call right after the other. Nothing but bother! Bah!

Received a text from Beate bright and early this morning. She had taken the 'top secret' driving test and she passed! Congrats Beate! People on the roads of Norway..Watch out!!! Beate's about...

Speaking of Beate. She almost caused me to run off the road while driving home from work just a while ago. Darn Texts!! Gotta read them!

Also received a phone call on the mobile from an Unknown Number. I usually don't answer if I don't know who it is. It was a female and she sounded British. I panicked and hung up. You never know who's calling. Hehe..So if you are British and you phoned me at about 6.04 pm cst and I hung up on you..So sorry! State your name and business from the get go and maybe I'll stick around on the line. Don't say..Yes, May I speak to Julia please? an all proper voice..It's scares me! Just start chatting...hehe

Well, I'm off to see what all I've missed during the day. Why, Why, Why must I have to work and miss out on what's going on in the world? I feel so alienated at work. Bah!

Love and kisses


  1. Thanks Julia! hehe. Sorry for texting you while you was driving. It wont happen again...hehe.

  2. oh go on and text me...who knows when i'm driving or not. hehe..