Friday, November 14, 2008

Day Nineteen...Home Again. Emergency Room Visit

It's 11.35 am and I'm at home. About 20 minutes after I started work this morning my ear drum burst. I should have gone on to the doctor the other day.

My left ear is infected badly and the infection in the inner ear caused my ear drum to swell and to tear. I had to go to the emergency room and have it cleaned out and probed and prodded. The pain is better now but I thought my head was gonna explode. I have two different sets of ear drops to put in it now. Something for cleansing, something that has antibiotics and pain meds in it and also some pain pills. Ahhhh Loratabs. I've taken one already and I'm starting to feel the numbing effects and also feel a bit nauseous but I will survive. That's what I get for avoiding Doctors like the plague.

I have to make an appointment to see an ear specialist next week to see if it is healing correctly and if anything further needs to be done. More than likely I will lose 10% of the hearing in that ear. Bah!

I have been ordered to stay at home today and tomorrow from work due to the medication they have put me on.

Anyway, Rex was excited I was home so soon and greeted me at the door wiggling all over. I love my boy! He's the best pup in the world.

The sun has finally decided to shine brightly after immense fog this morning. You could barely see 10 feet in front of you.

Well, now I can rest, The doctor said that the infection in my ear is probably why I haven't been able to sleep well lately. Now I can relax and wait for a torrent of Children in Need tonight. A preview of 'The Next Doctor' is just what I need to make me feel better.



  1. Aaaww... we got the same ears, don't we?? hehe. At least they ordered you to come back, to check it out. Good doctors... Hope the medicin and painkillers help. Might see you online later, then :)

  2. Awww sounds really really painful. Where you on the phone while the eardrum burst?! Good thing you've got appropriate meds for it now though.. Sucks about the hearing though. Get well soon!!

    Hugs, queen of the night ;)