Monday, November 24, 2008

Day Twentynine..I had a Fantastic Work Day!

It's 6.53 pm and my work day is over! Hoorah! and I had a smurfy day all around.

Got to work and opened up my schedule for the day and saw that I had training from 7 am until 1 pm. Woohoohoo! Training is just learning new things to improve your job skills. So basically I got to sit in a classroom and chat with my classmates for 6 hours with numerous breaks in between. Anything beats answering the rude Americans. Yes, I'm American but that doesn't mean that I enjoy the attitudes of the majority of my people.

Then from 1 pm until 1.30 pm I had lunch. Then from 1.30 pm until 2.30 pm I had coaching. So I only actually had to work from 2.30 pm until 5.30 pm. Regardless, the day went by really fast and now I'm off officially until Friday.

Now I'm going to watch the rest of Einstein and Eddington. Be back to blog later.

Y'all take it easy now ya hear!

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