Saturday, November 1, 2008

Day Six...The ants go marching one by one..HOORAH!

I'm home from work and I deserve an award. I am so fake nice it's pathetic. Perhaps I could give David a run for his money on the acting lark. I had to listen to one of my calls today and boy do I seem sweet as sugar and eager to please..hehe..Knowing I hate it all and couldn't give a damn. Anyway for my spectacular Emmy Award winning performance I do get an hour to do as I please tomorrow. My boss is going to do my job whilst I play the wii in the game room or chill somewhere quiet. Woohoohoo!!

Don't know what's going on at work but 4 people hugged me today. What was up with that?? I'm usually not the huggy lovey dovey type person..I say bah! to all physical gestures of kindness but today I didn't mind so much.

Anyway, its good to be home. The time changes here in the USA tonight so I get an extra hour of sleep.

I'm talking to Beate now and msn keeps bleeping so I will blog more before I go to bed...xxxxx