Monday, November 10, 2008

Day Fifteen...HP Tech Support: 1...Jules: 0

I just couldn't bring myself to deal with HP India Tech Support again. I stopped by Circuit City on my way home from work and bought a 500 gb Green Power Eco Friendly hard drive and installed the damn thing myself. I am now up and running after several hours of loading. Still haven't got everything I want on the drive but I'm working on it. HP wins...

It is now 9:41pm and it is my official weekend Yay!! Three glorious days to do nothing. How I love to do nothing. ahhhh..



  1. I wanna have three days of doing nothing too right now... Oh well.

  2. yay for the weekend. Boo to HP :/

  3. I'm gonna write a complaint to HP headquarters anyway. Their customer service sux!