Thursday, November 27, 2008

Day Thirtytwo..Ode to Rena

My Robbie friend Rena is a bit upset with my love for David Tennant so I'm blogging to let her know that I still love Robbie. My love for David does not diminish my love for Robbie. My heart is big and I may love several celebrities and non-celebrities at one time. They just swap out rankings in my love priority meter.

As Robbie isn't doing much at the moment..other than staring at the stars and wishing for alien abduction I've moved David up to the top of the priority meter. It works out very well for me...It makes me happy and I'm always entertained.

I apologize if I never warned you I was a 'in the closest' David Tennant Doctor Who fan. I am a geek. Have always been a geek and always will be. I'm out and proud baby! Most important though...I am still the same Jules..I still have the same warped sense of humour and that will never change.

So to all my Robbie friends...especially Rena...I love you, I love Robbie, but I also love David Tennant. I miss the old days over at Pure Robbie. I miss our chats and the silliness of it all but those days are over. PR is not the same. We all know it's not a happy place anymore.

I hope we will always be friends.



  1. Yes, we will always love Robbie. But he doesn't entertain me at the moment, hence Robert Downey Jr. He's ranked up.. Robbie is ranked down. That's how it works...hehehe.

  2. Thank you Jules for that lovely Ode. lol. We will of course always be friends, I love you just as you are... with all your little quirks. I know what u mean about Robbie though.... I too have drifted away from the robsession for now. But he will always be what connects us.
    Love u. xxx

  3. aww that was nice :)

    There will always be ups and downs when it comes to fandom (is that even a word? hehe) But the bottom line is, we met through him, and I hope we will keep in touch forever, or close :)

  4. i think we plums are like my family best not leave me