Thursday, November 27, 2008

Day Thirtytwo..The Dreaded Night Before Going Back To Work

It's 7.25 pm. I have a load of clothes tumbling in the dryer and all is quiet on Sunny Lane.... other than the people leaving in and out from the mean neighbors from their Thanksgiving feast.

I ate supper over at Jackie and Freddie's. Homemade vegetable soup and corn bread. No turkey for me on this Thanksgiving Day.

Tomorrow is a work day and I dread the morning commute in to Tupelo. Traffic will be hectic due to it being Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving all the shops open extra early with extreme sales to start of the Christmas buying season. Maybe it won't be too bad. Hopefully it will be a slow day at work.

Just wanted to check in before going to bed. Have a lovely weekend folks.


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