Sunday, November 9, 2008

Day Fourteen..Never Ever Buy an HP PC!!!

It's 7.19pm and I am home from yet another long work day. Bah!

As reported last night that HP Indian Tech Support would be sending me a box to send off the pc to get it repaired...well that was rubbish! I was told last night that it would be no problem. To call back the next morning with ID no. and they would put in the order. Well...I get another India guy this morning..who informs me that my pc is not in warranty..which I know it is..and I end up arguing with this man for almost an hour before I politely slammed the phone down in his ear. Obviously HP does not keep any records what so ever. I am not mentally prepared to deal with another phone call to India tonight so will try again tomorrow. They will fix my PC or suffer my wrath!!!

I was scanning through the channels at work today and came across Doctor Who Voyage of the Damned showing on BBC America so I left it there. I got to enjoy about 30 minutes of it until someone came along and put it back on football..Bah! Of course we have no sound because tv's are for troubleshooting purposes only but I did enjoy making up my own dialogue between the Doctor and Astrid while it lasted...hehe.

One more day of work til my week is done! Hoorah! Bring on my 3 day weekend!

Don't take any wooden nickels..


  1. Wow...I would get so angry if I had a call like that. I got a little angry just reading this...LOL. I'm soon off for work. See ya tomorrow on your day off. And btw... you can comment on my blog you know!! I actually blogged last night. Twat.

  2. hehe...ok..will read and comment

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  4. Too late, I've already got a HP pc. But cant blame you for your anger... Horrible service, and that India business... geezzzzzzz.

  5. lol just me discovering a typo, and wanted to edit, but couldn't ;)

  6. lol just kidding.. it's

    DAVID of course!!!!

  7. hehe..damn that david posting and deleting...he does stuff like that