Sunday, November 23, 2008

Day Twentyeight...Dark skies and Snow Clouds

It's 6.51 pm and I'm home after a full day of work! I made it! My ear still feels clogged but I survived the silly mean Americans who think that they will die without satellite tv.

I'm amazed at how much traffic my meaningless blog is getting over the past few days. Of course you are all welcome here. It's just weird seeing all the hits. Mr. Tennant you are a popular boy! Feel free to join, leave comments or shout at me in the shoutbox. I would enjoy meeting other David Tennant fans. The more the merrier.

I still haven't seen Einstein and Eddington. Give me a few hours and that will change ;). So expect my mundane thoughts on it soon. You guys in the UK get the best tv. American tv blows. We just steal all the UK programmes Americanize them and ruin them. Bah!

Hope you all are doing well and I'll blog more soon.


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