Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day Twentyone...Looks Like I Made It!

It's 6.58 pm. I managed to survive a full day of work. Not that I was too smurfily pleased about it but I stuck it out.

First calls of the day were from bitchy women who enjoyed using the phrase..Let Me Tell You Something, Missy!. Pardon me bitchy woman...I don't care! but I have to be nice to you even though my ear is clogged up and you are making me nauseous. Bah!

The evening went by fairly well with just a few threats of canceling service or whinging about blacked out football games. The only really annoying part was having to look at squinchy eyed lover boy hovering over his girlfriend who sits across from me. He stands over her staring at her all lovey dovey and every once in awhile he strokes her hair and I just want to vomit. Go away Squinchy Eyed I'm in Love Boy!! Let the poor girl work.

Then we have Princess Twinkle Toes. It's a guy but he wears flip flops everyday. It's blooming freakidy cold now and Princess Twinkle Toes comes floping by me everyday. This guy is about 5 ft tall, his pants hang off his arse, and other than being pigeon toed he has the most perfectly shaped feminine looking feet I've ever seen..Thus Princess Twinkle Toes...Put some shoes on PTT!!

Well, my ear is a clog fest and I don't reckon I'll be hearing in stereo today. Bah! I've taken my meds and I'll be off to beddy bye soon.

Hope to see you all later...

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