Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Day Thirtyone...Happy Birthday Dad

It's 8.19 am and its cold. Today is my dad's 80th birthday! Happy Birthday you old mean codger! I love him but he is a bit mean at times. I know he loves me but he is the type that criticizes constantly and its always bad. He can find no good in me what so ever. Bah! I'm just one big disappointment to him. I gave up years ago trying to please him. Nothing ever does. Granted he gave me a good life growing up and I know I can count on him if I need him. Just wish he'd learn to encourage instead of putting down all the time. Guess I should pick up the phone and give him a call and tell him Happy Birthday now...brb

Happy Birthday phone call to dad is now complete. He seemed in a rather jovial mood this morning. Talked to mom too and she was doing well.. God bless mom and dad! Dad is a bit miffed because I didn't come down to Louisiana for Thanksgiving to be with them. I just didn't feel like driving 5 hours each way this year. I'll go at Christmas.

As soon as I hung the phone up it started ringing. It was Angela with the Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist Group in Tupelo confirming my appointment for Monday at 1.10 pm. She just wanted to remind me to bring a list of meds I'm taking and my insurance card. Of course they love insurance...Money grubbing medical farce!

Anyway..Good Morning World! I am now awake and waiting for you to amuse me. Have a good Wednesday...