Monday, November 3, 2008

Day Eight...Jadoon Platoon on the Moon

I've been watching Series 3 of Doctor Who tonight. I had not watched it in a long time so it was a treat. Especially The Shakespeare Code. That's one of my faves. If only time travel were possible! I'd love to go back in time. Not sure about going into the future though. That's what's nice about Doctor Who.. Anything is possible.

David's Video Diaries are a laugh. Ye Olde dung... Always makes me giggle. I'm looking forward to the Series 4 Video Diaries.

I've been awake since about 4 am something and it is now 9.06 pm. I'm starting to feel a bit groggy but I shall stay awake for a bit longer. I want to be able to sleep in for a bit in the morning. If I go now I'll be up at 4 am again. that I'm thinking....
WhereTF is Lisa???? I haven't seen her in days?? If anyone finds a Lisa on their doorstep please contact me immediately. She did poke me on facebook earlier today so obviously she has access to the internet in her captivity.

My friend and old boss Melissa from H&R Block sent me a message on facebook today in a panic. She has an interview where I work now on Wednesday. She was told she would have to take a computer test and she's worried she wont do well. I'm sure she will do fine. She phoned a bit ago and I gave her a quick rundown of what the interview procedure is like.

Nothing else to report here....I guess I'll leave it til tomorrow.

Monday night goodbye xx


  1. *poke*

    I've been working you know.. and doing nightshifts, and had visitors ;)

  2. Lucky Lisa..she actually get visitors...