Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Day Sixteen...Onion Rolls and Cinnamon Raisin Bread

It's 7.20 pm. It's been a long day. It's raining..just a drizzle...the sky is grey and it's slightly chilly. Just one of those nasty dreary dull days..Bah!

Beate royally screwed up her pc today. Tried to reinstall XP to her laptop without drivers so she is down. Poor Beate. Hope she gets it all sorted tomorrow. I'm sure she is going crazy.

Just watched a movie...Notes on a Scandal. That was a weird one. Poor Dame Judy Dench. No one would love the crazy old woman in the film. Of course she was psycho to boot. geez....

Neighbors went to the bread store today and brought me back some onion rolls and cinnamon raisin bread. Yum! May eat some in a bit.

Hope tomorrow brings more excitement. With all of today's events I doubt I can stand much more. hehe.

Enjoy the ride...

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  1. Yes, I was going crazy. I was pissed off! But I calmed down the next day.... didn't have withdrawels...hehe.