Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Day Seventeen..Early Morning Ponderings

It's 5.34 am. I've been awake since about 4.50 am. Went to bed around midnight. This is what it is like for an insomniac. I would much rather be sleeping but I wake up and cant go back to sleep until a few hours later.

So I'm up..I've been outside with Rex and its not really cold but damp and icky. I've chatted with Lisa on Facebook...She was on her lunch break over in Norway...They have snow! Nice. Not for her but we never see snow over here and it's a major event if we do. Everything closes down so no work if it happens to snow!

Oh the heck with it..I'm going back to bed...I just had a small sleep surge so maybe I can go with it...Cya later!



  1. Snow is nice, the first 2 days. Then the scraping of windshields and shovelling gets boring. Enjoying it until I get sick of it!

  2. yeah i bet. when it becomes an everyday thing the novelty wears off.