Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Day Ten....I am deffo A.D.D.

Well I'm back and I didn't read a single page of that book. I stared at it but didn't comprehend a single word. Oh well. I'm ADD.

Been trying to finish up some dvds for Beate and Windows DVD Maker decided to act a total bitch and tell me error error flippity floppity error everytime I tried to add something but I whipped that bitch into submission and she's working now. Bah!

It is now 10.16 pm and I've wasted another day in my life. Hoorah! One day of freedom left and I suppose I'd better behave and work diligently for awhile now instead of taking vacation days and playing hookey. Bah! Work sux..Why can't I just be incredibly filthy rich?? I don't reckon that would make me happy I'll trod on forward.

Goodnight cruel world!

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