Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day Eighteen...The Break of Dawn

It's 6.30 am. It's just beginning to get light outside. I've been awake a little over an hour. I think I feel somewhat better this morning. I'll see as the day progresses. I'm still a bit dazed and confused at the moment. It takes me forever to fully wake up. Perhaps I never fully wake up..."shrugs"

Everything is quiet on Sunny Lane. I'm the youngest person on my street and I think I wake up before any of them. I long for the days that I could sleep until noon without waking up. Maybe I should start drinking again. I haven't had anything alcoholic in probably 2-3 choice, mind, not because I need or had to. Maybe that would help me sleep better? Maybe not...

Gas (petrol) prices are way down here. Hoorah! I never thought I'd see the $2 per gallon again. It's $1.98 at the stations in town now. Just a few short weeks ago it was $4 per gallon. I will go fill my car up sometime today. It's bound to go back up. One of those things that is too good to be true.

Peeve of the Day: Why is everything on the BBC Doctor Who Website available for UK residents only??? That just really really really really SUX!!!!

Be back later. xx

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