Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Day Nine...New Beginnings

Hoorah! I was able sleep until 8 am. I awoke a few times but was able to fall back asleep each time. Today is one of my official days off so I don't feel guilty about sleeping in I suppose.

Looks as though its gonna be a beautiful day in Northeast Mississippi. Very sunny already,(hence David's sunglasses) with birds chirping, and kids screaming with manic glee on a playground at a daycare up the road. How lovely.

The mean neighbors have taken their travel trailer and gone somewhere camping for the week and my good neighbors are pleased with me because I repaired their computer. All is well on Sunny Lane.

Oh today is election day..How could I forget that? It's a big day for us in the USA. I'm not very political and really don't pay attention to it all. I just know getting George out will be the best thing ever. America is in the worst shape it's ever been. We need help desperately. Wish us luck!