Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Day Seventeen...My Ear Hurts

My left ear is totally clogged. I've tried cleaning it...It can get no cleaner....It constantly makes a popping noise and it constantly burns/itches inside. I've got an ear infection...I need to go to the doctor to get something to clear it up but I hate going to the doctor!!! What to do! What to do!!!

It's 7 pm. Beate still isn't back online. Her dad was at some lodge thing and didn't get home early enough to download her drivers. Bah! Maybe tomorrow.

It's still raining here in Northeast Mississippi but the outlook for tomorrow is sun and 72 degrees F. Nice! No wonder everyone around here is getting sick. Hot one day..Freezing the next...Back and forth...You never know how to dress.

Rex is in my bedroom barking. He better not be on the bed messing my duvet up!!! I don't wanna walk back there to see. I get dizzy when I stand up too quick. Bah! to vertigo!!! I'm guessing this crazy ear infection has something to do with it. Maybe I'll bite the bullet and go to a local clinic tomorrow so as I can get some antibiotics.

Also after this mornings adventure with jalapenos I had to buy a supply of anti acid tablets. Ewwww... It sux getting old!!! I think my body is just giving up...I need to exercise instead of sitting here at this pc all the time. Bah! I'm a lazy git!!

I did get more on my new eco-friendly hard drive today. It's more Tennantish by the minute. Also got the...Someone wants a word...mp3 sent to my mobile as my ringtone now...Hehe..It amuses me so let me enjoy it..

I may just go on back to bed now..I've slept quite a bit off and on today..Guess it's cause I'm a feeling ill.

TTFN...lots of love...xx

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