Monday, November 17, 2008

Day Twentytwo..Good Morning Campers!

It's 5.14 am. I've been awake since about 4 am but just stayed in bed. It's cold but now I'm up and about to have a shower and get ready for work.

My ear feels somewhat less clogged this morning. We shall see how it is once I get moving around.

I've been reading David Tennant-A Life in Time in Space. Bah! The author of this should be ashamed. It's like an essay you have to write in school and it has to be so many words so you fill it with tons of fluff just to make up the wordage. Take away all the fluff and you have maybe 10 pages of David content. Bah! Reminds me of my senior term paper on John Milton's Paradise Lost. I think I talked about the Devil alot. hehe Maybe bits from The Omen...Geez, that Damien was a bad boy. He needed supernanny for sure. Get on the naughty step Damien!

I now know more about Daleks than I ever intended. Daleks amuse me. They have a toilet plunger for one arm and a mixer for the other. So in my opinion the Dalek's are simply 'shit stirrers'. EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! THE DOCTOR DID NOT FLUSH HIS POO! EXPLAIN! EXPLAIN! hehe...

It's Monday so that means its my Friday. If I can survive the 10 hour shift today I will be free for another 3 days. Lovely. Guess I need to make an appointment with the ear specialist and make sure my ear gets better instead of putting it off.

I'm off to shower now. Hope everyone enjoys their Monday.



  1. Hope your ear is better :) Lucky you for having your Friday today..hehe. But then again.. I start my weekend, the day you go back to work again..hehe.

  2. Happy monday!! (or friday if you want)