Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Day Ten...The Grand Scheme of Things

Gosh! It seems like it should be really late. It's only 6.56 pm here and it feels likes its at least 10 pm. I still haven't gotten used to the time change. Anyway, today has been a zero. Blah blahdy blah blah!

Ate supper with the neighbors again. Fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate for dessert...ahhhhh..

Rex got overexcited at the sight of a cat and made a really odd high pitched yipping noise not flattering to a Labrador breed. I really think he's gay. That's alright, he's my boy. :) and I will support his rainbow coloured dreams. Gay Puppy Power!! Rock on...

My friend Melissa got a job where I work today. She starts training on Monday. Welcome to hell Melissa. It's a job but just wait.... Enjoy your 5 weeks of training. It's the last peace you will have.

Loving all the clips of farewell to the Doctor on YouTube. It's all a bit overboard. You'd think David Tennant has died. Thank God he hasn't or I'd be a total mess. Found this one that amused me though..David decides to have a little nap before a performance of Love's Labour's Lost. "I'm David Tennant and instead of waiting for the play to start backstage like normal actors do I'll just lie down in front of the audience and wait." How sweet....

Wake the Ferk up David!!! You Plum!! There's a bunch of older upper middle class women staring at you!

I'm off to read for awhile...I've started Dean Koontz's The Darkest Evening of the Year the other night but haven't just really sat down and read.

Enjoy your evening or morning or whatever it is in your part of the world..


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  1. Aaah...sweet David. He must be comfy with the crowd...hehe.