Saturday, November 15, 2008

Day Twenty...Stereo Surround Sound

It's 12.40 pm. My ear made a soft popping noise a few minutes ago and all of a sudden I can hear in stereo again. Hoorah! Never realized how boring mono is...And maybe that's a good sign that the bad ear is healing correctly. :)

Tonight are David's last performances of Hamlet and Love's Labour's Lost in Stratford-upon-Avon. :( Hamlet will move to London next and I will have been absent throughout it all. :( Bah! to living in America and being poor!

I've thought about buying some Shakespeare and reading it again. Not that I read it and comprehended it in high-school...Dunno, if I could actually absorb it 20 years later any better than I did then. I used what we call in America, Cliff's Notes. Nice little summaries of all the key events, plots, etc. all shoved into a small pamphlet like yellow paperback book. I somehow managed to pass. We did Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Julius Ceasar and I'm sure there were others.

I was a teenager and thought I was in love with a guy named Chris at the time so Shakespeare was the last thing on my mind at that moment. We did have to memorize parts of the plays..I think I would write it on my hand or side of my shoe or something just to help me along. I can remember part of Julius Ceasar til today. That Friends, Romans, Countrymen..bit...God, I hated standing in front of the class and reciting that stuff. I'd do just about anything to get out of it. I took a grade lower once so I could stay after school and do it one on one with the teacher instead of in front of the class. I opened the book to the page and placed it strategically under the podium and would recite what I could remember and then look down as if in thought to get the next line..hehe..Then promptly closed the book using my foot after and I got away with it. Hoorah for cheating!!

Anyway, I am feeling better. Hope I still have a job. Will talk to you all later.



  1. We never did plays like that. Thank God!! Shakespear wasn't talked about much in school for us. Yay!

  2. too bad..everyone has to do Shakespeare here.