Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Day Twentyfour...Capt. BigHead Says Hello

It's 10.09. It's cold. I don't like it and I'm grumpy. I need to shower. I need to try to eat. I need to do loads of things but it's too freakin' cold!!!

Downloaded Motorola Phone Tools yesterday so now I can load and unload files from my messed up phone. The one above is Capt. BigHead Rexy in the passenger seat of my car waiting for me to put it in reverse and take him for a car ride. He loves car rides.

I've been chatting with Beate on msn again. She's sick now and all pukey. Guess my germs are powerful enough to travel through cyberspace. hehe.. I'm good.

I notice I've picked up a bit of traffic on my blog. Don't be a stranger comment and say hello. I don't bite...hard

Cyall later


  1. it's not like im enjoying the fact that you can spread your germs through cyberspace...hehe. It's not a good thing!

  2. Hi Rexy!!!!

    and lol at the germs... Think I did my bit too, except the snot turned to puke at some point ;)

    Oh, and the svelvik person is me... Somehow the network at my office is situated south of Oslo. Which is weird.. just a 2 hour plane ride to go there :/

  3. ...sending all my germs to Beate.....germ germ germ germ...hit enter on keyboard. download complete.