Monday, November 17, 2008

Day Twentytwo...Off again..hehe

It's 9.32 pm. I've been watching I'm a Celeb. Not very happy with this years crew. Maybe they will grow on me?? Who knows? Ant and Dec are always fun though. :)

I'm cold. The heatings on but I keep getting the shivers. I really hate winter. Bah! My ear is still stopped up. I'm still medicating myself and perhaps I will be healthy again one day.

I survived another full day of work but now I'm off again. It's now my official days off. Hoorah!

I'm starting to get a bit sleepy. Nothing of any amusement or interest happened today. So this is just an update blog which is quite boring. I've started the damn thing and I intend on carrying on with it.

Rex found his devil bear sometime today while I was at work and has carried it in his mouth everywhere since I've been home. Even out to do his doggy business. It's really quite cute. I thought he had outgrown his toys but I guess not. Maybe he just needed something to cuddle while I was gone. awwwww..Bless Rexy..

Well, I'm yawning and I'm a Celeb is not capturing my full attention. I just wanna go to bed. Talk to you all tomorrow you plums...


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