Monday, December 1, 2008

Day Thirtysix..Adventures Inside My Left Ear

It's 1.44 pm. I left work a bit earlier than expected and arrived at the ear specialist at 12.35 expecting a wait but was whisked right back to the doctor. He says the eardrum is healing well but there is still a bit of infection on the outer part and it also looks like I have what is called 'swimmer's ear'. Now I have to shower or bathe while wearing ear plugs. How fun! He asked if I had been doing a lot of hot tubbing? I I do shower regularly. Anyway I have to go back yet again next Tuesday for some tests on my hearing and see if the infection is gone. Bah!

I had the gran of a celebrity call for assistance today. I can't put the name of the celebrity here in case one of my colleagues decides to drop by for a sneaky peek and then tattles on me. We aren't allowed to give out names etc. Anyway, gran of celeb was quite rude at the beginning but I won her over with my sweet endearing demeanor. She was having trouble with her phone line which really isn't part of what we do cause its just hooked to her satellite box. Anyway, I explained that if I set up a service call that it would have to be chargeable..She replied..'That's ok my grandson pays the bill and he could buy your company if he wanted to.' So I'm like okkkkkkkkkk..Then she says..Do you know ________ _______??? and I ma'am, not putting that name with the name of a celeb even though I do know the name...and she says...'He was on _________. He was __________. I was like..Oh right! yeah, I know him..He's a funny guy...She replies..Yes, and he's a very nice guy too. So, I reply the only thing I can think of...Well..I bet you sure are proud of him!...Anyway this celeb was on a popular sitcom here in America that Lisa and Beate really enjoy. So I set gran of celeb up a chargeable service call at 49.95. When I tell her the price she just cackles with laughter.."That's just pennies to me my dear"... OKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! Must be nice to have a grandson loaded with money so you can brag to everyone....Enjoy your life gran of celeb...

It's still cold here..We had a few small snow flurries this morning but it all melted as soon as it hit the ground. Now its just icky wetness..dark grey skies...and cold that numbs the bones...but I'm home and I now have 3 days off.

I'll be coming at ya from all directions...