Sunday, December 14, 2008

Day Fortynine...Sunday Night Cops in the Middle of the Road

It's 7.11 pm. Another 10 hour work day. I swear they have assigned me to the old people and retard que. Oh well..Bah!

Nothing else is new in my world. Got stopped in a stupid road block on my way home by the fine and dandy Mississippi Highway Patrol. They checked my license, my inspection sticker and my tag. Glad I got my tag renewed when I did. Anyway, I was sent on my way with a nod. Why the hell they have a road block set up on a Sunday night is beyond me. Maybe they are looking for someone. 'Citing! Probably just want to write tickets.

So now I'm home. I'm doing the usual...talking to Beate on msn. One more day of work and then my 3 day weekend..hoorah!

No update on David. He will be back bouncing around soon.
Not long until the Christmas Special. Yay!



  1. The boring usual...talking to Beate on msn :P

  2. munch munch munch..cheese rocks!!