Monday, December 15, 2008

Day Fifty...Running out of Words

It's 8.52 pm. I cant think of a darn thing to blog about. Nothing witty or interesting comes to mind. Bah!

I received etop at 2.30 pm at work but couldn't leave until 3 pm because I had granny who didn't know how to change channels using a remote control on the phone for almost an hour. Bless her. I got her sorted in the end. It took her 20 minutes to find the power button on her satellite receiver.

I have just rubbed Purell the hand sanitizer stuff into my hands. Why? I don't know. If you rub it on your hands and then cup your hands around your nose and mouth and breathe in deeply it makes your nostrils tingle. Smells like rubbing alcohol. Cool!

I'm off for 3 days now and I need it. Talking to rude people all day long really takes a lot out of you.

Next week is Christmas and I'll be driving down to Louisiana to my parents home on Tuesday returning on Thursday. I have to work Friday. Bah!

I've been trying to phone my parents for 2 days now and their phone is constantly engaged. So I became a bit worried. I phoned the local police station in their town and no one answered so I then phoned city hall and got someone. I explained who I was and asked if they knew of any phone troubles near my parents home. This is a very very small town so of course they knew and yes there are phone troubles. They asked if I wanted someone to go and deliver a message to my parents and even though I said no I'm quite sure they did anyway. So now my parents are probably embarrassed that I've sent the cops to their home to check if they are alright. Oh well...I was concerned. Anyway...I'll be home in time to scour around for the Doctor Who Christmas Special...yay! My parents are still on dial up and with the iffy phone connection I'll be internetless for the days I'm there. Cell phone reception is minimal in the area too. Cut off from the world...Bah! They live on an island of sorts surrounded by water and swampland and no cell phone towers for about 20 miles. If you go outside and spin around a few times waving your mobile in the air and holding one foot in the air you may get a few bars on the phone. I know this from experience.

Well, I'm starting to get sleepy but I'm staying up for a bit so I can sleep late in the morning.

Cya tomorrow,


  1. If you want a free, objective way to check the reception in your area BEFORE you lock yourself with a specific carrier, you should really check out "Got Reception?" (

  2. thanks for the spam dave88. my carrier works just fine in my area thanks.