Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Day Fortyfour..All Clear

It's 3.01 pm. I have just returned home from the ear doctor. He's given me the all clear. There is no infection what so ever in my ear and my hearing test proved that I've only lost 5% of the hearing in that ear. Hoorah!

Also got my hair cut while I was out. It needed it. I was starting to look like Cousin It. Also stopped by Barnes and Noble the bookstore and guess what slapped me in the face when I walked into the magazine section? Doctor Who Magazine...after dreaming about it last night it was weird. I didn't even know anyone carried it around here. Anyway Davros is on the cover. I suppose we are behind here. I flipped through it but didn't buy it cause nothing in it overly excited me. Oh well...Give me a David cover!!

Looks like David will be off from Hamlet for awhile. Updates don't look good. Poor baby! A back injury is always bad. Sending best wishes to you David!! Take it easy and get completely well. Your fans can wait.

Peace, love, and bunny rabbits to everyone

1 comment:

  1. Good to hear your ear has healed well :)

    Kinda funny with that Doctor Who magazine..hehehe.