Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Day Thirtyeight..Opening Night London

It's 5.56 pm. All my internet friends have left me for the evening. Bah! to European time...It's ok though I was getting a bit bummed.

Had fun earlier making up CSI stories with all of us as the characters. I was a bit mean and always made Beate lost and and a bit mentally unstable, even though she's not in real life. It made me laugh regardless. Love ya Beate! ...and for some reason I kept ending up in the broom closet. :)

I wonder how the first night of Hamlet in London went? I'm sure there will be reviews up and they had better be glowing reviews. hehe. I'm sure David was fantastic as always. I checked a few sites for tickets earlier. Not that I can go but I was just curious. Some were going for 770 pounds each! Sheesh! I'll never get to see a play at those rates! In fact I've never been to one. There isn't much theatre action down here in Mississippi.

All in all it's been long day. I've had no naps. I did get some laundry done. So a little bit of productiveness has been accomplished.

Will report back in later...


  1. twat. Making me retarded... Oh well, we had fun! I laughed alot!

  2. poor beate..she's lost again...i hope someone finds her soon. :)