Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Day Fiftyone...Muddled Mind

It's 9.41 pm. The rain continues to lightly fall.. tap tap tapping against my windows, lulling me in to a pensive and rather dull mood. What a dreary day today has been. Cold and wet, grey and bleak.

I have just finished watching Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet. I began watching it last week but only just now finished. Although I did enjoy it it made my brain hurt. I really had to pay attention to figure out what was being said. I spotted a couple of American's in this production. Jack Lemon and Billy Crystal. American's should not do Shakespeare with an American accent. It just doesn't seem right or sound right. At least Billy Crystal as the gravedigger did attempt an English accent.

Anyway now I'd really love to see David Tennant in Hamlet and that is just not gonna happen. I could never afford the trip to London and the expenses while there. Bah! It is terrible to be poor.

I suppose I'll find something else to amuse me now until I go to bed.

Cy'all tomorrow

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