Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Day Fortyfour...Alas, Poor David Tennant

According to David-Tennant.com David has injured his back and will not be performing in Hamlet tonight. Poor David! Get well soon! Remember always lift with your legs NOT your back. Get some rest and I hope its not serious.

Also the new Christmas Special trailer is on Youtube

As for me...I had crazy crazy dreams last night. I dreamt I was in the UK in a shop and I was grabbing all the Doctor Who magazines I could find. My mother was with me and she was helping me sort through all the magazines. My mother wont drive for too long of a distance in a car and she would deffo never fly to the UK. Oh well..just a dream...and didn't eat any cheese before bedtime.

I've just gotten up and I've nudged Beate on MSN messenger but she hasn't replied. Her status says she is listening to Bruce Springsteen. Yikes!! I am really gonna have to sort that girl out when we meet in LA next year.

I'm off to get Rex and me some breakfast. Then in a bit I have to shower and get ready to go to the ear doctor. Bah!

Blog at ya later..


  1. Sorry. I was having dinner. I like that one song with Bruce Springsteen...hehehe.