Friday, December 5, 2008

Day Forty..OMG It's too Cold!!

It's 5.50 am and it is fr fr fr freezing here. How on earth I'm gonna survive the winter beats me. I've just been outside and started my car to let it warm up before getting in it. Bah! Ice on everything.

Ugghh! I don't wanna go to work but its payday and I have to. I wasn't adapted to work or cold weather. I should have been born in a tropical region to a very rich family. Oh well..

Well I guess I'd better be off now. Think of me while you all are non-working and starting your weekends when I'm just starting my week.

Cya in about 12 hours.



  1. Yeah..brrrr here too. It was 13 below when I drove my aunt and mom to the airport at 4.30 am. Not it's about 10 below.

  2. bah! i'm on break and its still cold

  3. What are you doing online at work?? hehehe

  4. we should start a sobclub for us who has to work through the weekends... Booohoooo

  5. i'm home now...i was on during my break at the pcs they have available for us to surf the internet. usually they are full i can never get to one but could today.