Friday, December 19, 2008

Day Fiftyfour...I've Tricked Myself

It's 5.14 am and I'm already awake, showered, and dressed. After a short power outage the other day I just guessed at the time while setting my clock. Anyway, I usually don't get up until 5.30 am but here I am. Awake at 4 something to Billy Squier's Stroke Me blasting out of the clock radio. What a lovely way to start my first day back at work..Bah!

Lord I hope I get e-top today. I am in no mood to deal with snotty people. I just want my pay and take my leave. That's not gonna happen but I can dream.

I've been through all my usual favorite websites. Obviously David did nothing of any importance while I was asleep. Or at least no one found out about it. Good for David.

I just checked my email and a ex-coworker sent about 100 forwarded jokes..lovely! Just what I need.

John Andre is on msn wanting to know why I'm awake so early.

No sign of Beate. She must be actually doing something this morning or afternoon as it is in Norway.

Who knows where Lisa is...She is very elusive these days. Good for Lisa. Maybe she's on her way to Berlin to get me a parrot named Oscar that I can teach swear words to. Maybe not.

Robbie Williams stopped taking subscriptions to his Inner Sanctum due to all the bitching and complaining over on Pure Robbie. I subscribed one year but didn't renew because the price was outrageous in American dollars. Oh well..things move on.

It's nice and warm here this morning..but temps well below 0 expected for Monday. No wonder we all have colds around here.

I guess I've blogged enough and wasted enough time. I shall depart for work shortly. Enjoy your Friday...


  1. I was actually doing alot of something today..hehe. Went to the doc, got a new sick leave, visited work to deliver the sick leave, took grandma and my auntie on grocery shopping and noooow I'm home. And you're at work...bah! Remember to buy coke!! I want a witty, funny and bah'ing Jules when you get home :P

  2. I was sleeping.. Working night shifts wears me out you know... Especially those shifts where we don't even have time to have anything to eat...

    But am working on getting to Berlin to look for Oscar :p

  3. Hoorah for Oscar! The swearing parrot from Berlin! He shall be mine! hehe