Sunday, December 7, 2008

Day Fortytwo..The Home of the Free..

It's 7.42 pm. Still cold. Another work day is over and one more to go. They are firing people left and right. I hope they don't get me tomorrow. Everything you have to do is so particular. Why can't you just be nice to people and be done with it. Why must we have to recite things like reading from a book. Bah!

We had CNN on telly most of the day today. There was one headline that scrolled across the bottom of the screen that caught my eye...'Government asks that all financially distraught people please do not steal for your children's Christmas presents this year.' You know that really says a lot about the situation that America is in right now. Since when have we started putting a headline on a major news network asking people not to steal?? Things look dire. If you can afford it please give a toy to the local Toys 4 Tots or something equivalent to that in your area. I know I will this year. So many people are losing their jobs here and around America. Why should the kids suffer. So sad!

Well nothing exciting has happened in my world. Just work work work..sleep sleep sleep. If David Tennant doesn't do something soon I may start making stories up about him....and yes Beate you will get a feature role in my debut the loveable local mentally challenged girl...hehe..:)

Off to watch a dvd or something to amuse me..

Be good and if you cant be good be good at it..

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