Monday, December 8, 2008

Day Fortythree...Floorwalking and E-topping

It's 6.17 pm and I got home early today. Hoorah!

At 4.23 pm I was e-topped at I got to leave a bit early with pay. This morning I got to floorwalk which is just walking around carrying a walkie-talkie and helping people out who are dealing with customers. Mostly I just walked around and poked people with the antenna of the walkie-talkie. This must not be confused with streetwalking..hehe.. Even though that involves poking as well.. was ok..other than all my customers were 90 years of age and older and couldn't comprehend diddly squat.

So now I'm home and I have 3 days off. Gotta take care of some business in the morning and go to the ear doctor in the evening..bah! but I'll be around..

Will blog later..xx


  1. Oh,'re just adorable!

  2. aint he though...he should never dress as a woman again! his legs look nice when wearing heels though.

  3. Hahaa...well, I wouldn't know. Never seen him in high heels. But I'll take your word for it.