Monday, December 22, 2008

Day Fiftyseven...Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

It's 5.32 am and I can't believe how cold it is. It's 20 F which is -9 c with a wind chill of 8 F which is -11 c. I am freezing. This is not natural. I hate winter!!

Last day of work for the week for me! Hoorah! I've put in for pre-recruited e-top but its been pending for 2 days so who knows if they will grant it or not. Bah! The last 2 days were hell days so it's highly unlikely.

I've seen gossip in the tabloids about The Next Doctor. Google if you want to see. Not much anyway. You know how tabloids are.

I need to finish getting ready for work..

Cya this afternoon.


  1. did you have to use an icepick to get rid of 15 centimetres of hard frozen ice on your car this morning? I did. I don't have a thermometer, but was told it was about -12 degrees...
    Totally white christmas, but being the grinch that I am, I prefer it to be no snow, bare roads and no ice...

  2. no i let my car run for an hour before getting the time i got in all i had to do was turn the wipers on to get the remaining ice off