Saturday, December 20, 2008

Day Fiftyfive...Bah! Did I even go to sleep?

It's 5.33 am. Another warm yet rainy day. I feel as though I just laid down, dozed off, and the darn alarm went off. I wanna get back in bed and snooze until noon but I have to go to work.

I'm off to get a super large frappacino with a double shot of expresso on my way to work. I must have caffeine! I'm having sleep surges as I type this. My eyelids keep plopping down. Oh woe is me!!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday off...skipping and giggling and doing whatever people do on an actual weekend day off. I wouldn't know.

Will try to blog when I get home..



  1. Aww.. hope the day went as well as possible. At least you'll have a few days at christmas, some of us will have to work then you know...

  2. true...:(
    but i'm complaining anyway..bah!!