Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Day Thirtyeight..Sneezy Wednesday

It's 8.24 am and it's cold as usual. I have just sneezed 7 times in a row. Yes, I counted.

Hamlet starts its London run tonight. Good Luck David! Hope you enjoyed your time off and found the perfect furniture for your new home. I see in Google News that a lot of fraudulent tickets have been sold for this. Guess that's what happens when you are really popular and everyone wants to see you. Shame for those who bought the bad tickets and will be denied.

I'm looking out the window and I can see that the wind is blowing. Bah! That means its really cold out there. If the wind would stop it would be fine. The sun is shining but that means nothing. The wind is a killer. Although it is supposed to be quite warm today. We shall see....its just a few degrees over freezing right now.

I've got nothing planned for today. Just my usual lazy days off. Until it warms up I'm not going to do anything that involves lingering outside.

Will blog more later as soon as my brain starts functioning at a normal capacity.