Friday, December 12, 2008

Day Fortyseven..I guess...and I'm alive

It's 6.38 am. I am at a pc in the internet cafe at work. I still have no electricity at home. It's been out since 8 am yesterday. We had a bunch of straight line winds and loads of trees are down. Lots of people are still without electricity. I about froze to death last night and have only had about 1 hours sleep.

Anyway, thought I would blog before starting work. Hope everyone is well.

Glad to hear David's surgery went well. Get well soon!

I'm outta here..


  1. Aaaaw. I'm glad you're ok, though! And hope your electricity is back when you get back from work.

  2. and it is! hoorah! now where the hell are you?

  3. Hehehehe...I told you I had my aunt over, you twat! She's still here :)