Monday, December 15, 2008

Day Fifty...Happy Friday to Me and Monday to You

It's 5.42 am. Last day of work for the week for me. Yay! I don't wanna go anyway. If anyone has a fun challenging job that could keep my attention please contact me.

I will put in for etop again today. Probably wont get it though. Who knows. It never hurts to try.

I wish David Tennant would let us all know he's up and bouncing around. I'm tired of imagining him lying in bed, holding his back, and moaning when he moves. That's just not Davidish at all. I'm sure I'm making it more dramatic than it is but oh well. That's my imagination for you.

It's almost time for me to depart..bah! I'll see you plums later on..

Have fun...


  1. you never is the most important thing in the world to americans.