Saturday, December 27, 2008

Day Sixtytwo..Blow Me Down

It's 9.10 pm. Just thought I'd blog before going to bed. I had a horrid day at work. Started off slow and then turned into a yell at Jules festival. Why do you love your telly so much horrible people? Why Why Why????

Will the sun ever shine in northeast Mississippi again? Who knows..Wind, rain, scary clouds moving swiftly overhead. Warm temps..Just the perfect combo to spawn a tornado. Alas, I fret too much! After being in a tornado last May I have a super sonic phobia of tornadoes. They are not fun at all.

Anywho...Not much to report here. I feel like I haven't had a day off at all. Straight to mom and dad's last Tuesday. Catering to my dad's every whim on Wednesday. Dealing with relatives I only see once every 2 years or so on Thursday and back to work on Friday. Bah! It was good to see my mom though. Bless her! She cooked enough food to feed an army.

I'm off to bed...I'm sleepy. Perhaps I will think of something amusing to report while asleep.

Until tomorrow....

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