Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day Seventythree...3 am Ponderings

It's 3.04 am and I'm awake. I went to bed at like 7.30 pm last night. Sleep surges were washing over me. I should have had an afternoon nap. Boredom kicked in and I was out like a light. What an exciting life I lead!

I watched the Swarm thing yesterday afternoon and must admit it was interesting. How David managed to sound all serious and not scream EWWWWWWW while talking about fly burgers I'll never know. It's that professionalism he has that I'll never have I suppose. And was it really necessary to blast those poor little birds into oblivion? Cruel cruel people! The male birdy had just built a nice home and found a wife!!! Could they not dress up in space suits and blast them with sonic sound waves like the Romans did? Sheesh! If they can afford dynamite.. they can afford space suits and bullhorns! I suppose they had crispy burnt bird with their fly burgers that night...

I'm getting bored again now. Maybe I will go back to bed. It's all dark and quiet here on Sunny Lane. At least its not raining.

Cy'all in a few hours.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, you should have had a nap...

    Poor birdies...that was really sad to watch :(