Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day Ninetyone...If I Didn't Have Bad Luck....

It's 7.49 pm. I've only been home a short while because I am having to hitch hike. Lovely!

Headed off to work as normal this morning when all of a sudden the dash lights and power seemed to dim in the car...Next thing the RPM's revved up on their own and I couldn't get the car over 40 MPH. So I pulled over into a service station. My fan belt had broken. Bah!!!!!!

Anyway, I phoned my evil aunt who lives in the town I stopped in...woke her up..and made her take me to work. She was not pleased at all. I finally arrive at work an hour and 10 minutes late for my shift. I work the rest of my shift and find a guy kind enough to give me a lift back to my evil aunt's home. Then she brought me home. Hopefully the car will be fixed tomorrow. I didn't want to impose on evil aunt any more so I asked for tomorrow as a PTO day. So I'm at home, without transportation again. Bah!!

Haven't even checked what else is going on in the world. I've been a bundle of nerves all day. I hate having to depend on someone else. Where's the Doctor when you need him???

Hope all's well in your world



  1. Enlighten me...what is a PTO day? I got that you have the day off...but other than that I'm blank...hehe.

    I hope your car gets fixed soon, and that it's not too expencive.


  2. that sucks... good luck, hope it gets fixed soon for you. Take care, I'm off again, swirling around Ikea for the rest of the day

  3. enjoy ikea....don't swirl too much..hehe