Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day Seventynine....UFO's Invade My Dreams

It's 8.23 pm. It's been another cold day here. Last night I dreamed that UFO's were all over the sky. Everywhere you could see. Small triangular crafts with 3 red lights on the bottom. They were flying in formation and slowly moving. I kept asking the people with me..Are they landing?? No one responded. Just stared at the sky...Bah! I wasn't scared at all. In reality I'd be looking for somewhere to hide.

A whole day of doing nothing here. Watching celeb bb, talking to Beate, and napping. That's my day.

I put some Doctor Who episodes and Blackpool on my new phone. I may have to urge to watch something away from home at some point in my life.

I guess I'll leave it here. Will blog more if I can think of anything.



  1. You should post your dreams on ats ;) I'm sure you'd get some conspiracy answers.

    Have fun on your weekend

  2. Doing nothing? So..talking with me is doing nothing??? hehe

  3. i can make up my own conspiracy theories that will amuse me much more than Rob and co. over on ATS..haha