Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day Eightythree....Thawing Out

It's 7.00 pm and I'm still very cold even though my pc says its 40 F at the moment. Perhaps I'm still frozen since yesterday. Looks like we're in for rain tomorrow. Cold and rain..what a lovely combination...I look forward to it. Bah!

Catherine Tate will be hosting The Sunday Night Project tomorrow night! Yay....and looks like she will be regenerating into the Doctor...Can't wait to see this one. She's my fave companion.

All's quiet in Davidland. Suppose he's gearing up for filming the next Who special. I hate waiting for news. David should just phone me up and tell me what's going on every day...but then I couldn't post it here because I would be 'ohhhhh so special' getting info from David himself and wouldn't betray him soooo Bah! I'll just be patient.

Well two days over...two more to go for my work week. I'm sick of it already. I was sick of it the moment I walked through the door yesterday morning.

Ben and Michelle on Celebrity Big Brother live feed are annoying me giggling and whispering in the bedroom. I guess I could just turn it off.

Guess I'll post again tomorrow..I'm off...

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