Monday, January 5, 2009

Day Seventyone...Kindly Step Away From the Door

It's 10.17 pm. Not a whole hell of a lot has happened today. I have succeeded in getting quite a few numbers saved in the new phone. I got the internet to work on it and some nice pics. All this without touching the manual. Hoorah!

I found Swarm, so like the geek I am, of course I'm downloading it. I suppose I will learn all there is to know about killer bees once I watch it. Nothing better than more information spinning around in my brain.

David returned to Hamlet. I hope all went well. I'm so pleased that he made it back so soon. Way to go David! Good job...

I'm still not pleased with Matt Whatshisname as the new Doctor. I don't like change even though they say change is good. Bah! If it doesn't make me happy then the change is not good at all.

It's rained all day and become cooler. Not nice at all. So now I'm going to bed.


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