Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day Eighty...Wednesday not Thursday

It's 9.47 pm. I've been convinced that it was Thursday several times today and had an overwhelming sadness fall over me thinking I had to go back to work tomorrow...only to find out it is Wednesday and feel overwhelming relief. whew! This is what too much sleep will do to you.

I slept until noon today. It was unplanned. I actually got up around 8ish, took a shower, but my fatal mistake was jumping back into bed to warm up. Within a couple of minutes I was all cosy and snoring again. Beate texted me at noon wondering where the hell I was...I may have slept on for hours more if not for the text. I needed to get up anyway.

Someone posted a clip of a David movie called "Bradford in my Dreams". I want it...I can't find it anywhere. If anyone knows where I can get this please leave me a message and I will be eternally grateful to you forever.

Anyway, Hope everyone is well. Love ya...


  1. David does not look like himself in that pic!! I had to look several times before I could see who it was...hehe.

  2. that's nice.. A surprise day off :)